Photography Team

Photography Team

Who We Are

The FIC Photography Team is a group of students who enjoy photography and would like to utilize their skills by documenting FIC and all its events, students, and staff! These students are intent on capturing FIC’s spirit of community and friendship

What We Do

FIC’s Photography Team is responsible for attending all of FIC’s Student Events, as well as some SFU events, to take pictures and videos! Additionally, the Photography Team takes part in student competitions on behalf of FIC. If you love to take pictures & videos, would like to show off your work, and want to help us document & remember all the fun events that happen at FIC, then join the Photography team! You will also get the chance to see the photos you take on FIC’s social media accounts, which help to develop student engagement and bring in more new students! Help current and prospective students get a feel for how great FIC is with your photos!

Benefits of Joining

  • Meeting new people by attending all of FIC and SFU’s fun events
  • Opportunities for professional development through free workshops and mentorship from fellow team members
  • Doing what you love for great volunteer experience and new leadership skills
  • Seeing your photos on FIC’s social media accounts
  • A volunteer certificate and reference once you have completed your commitment to the Photography Team