Peer Education

Peer Education

Who We Are

Recipients of the BCCIE’s Outstanding Program in International Education Award, Peer Education is a team of students who have excelled in their courses at FIC and want to help other students do the same through one on one academic support and mentorship.

What We Do

Do you love to help people? Have you been successful in an academic environment? Apply for the award-winning Peer Education Program! Peer Educators provide mentorship & coaching, academic help, as well as an opportunity to make new friends! Students in this program are split up based on which classes they are able to tutor. In order to tutor other students in a specific class, they must have received a high grade (A- or higher). This way, if you are struggling with MATH100 (or any class!), you can find a Peer Educator who has already taken that class and knows how to help you succeed! They can also help you with time-management, study skills, and communication. Generally, Peer Educators are there to help and give advice of anything affecting your academic performance.

Benefits of Joining

  • Development of communication skills through mentorship and academic coaching
  • Professional experience and a volunteer certificate once you have completed your commitment to Peer Education
  • The chance to meet a lot of new people and make new friends
  • Many supervisor and management position opportunities for the future