Who We Are

Orientation Leaders run the show on Orientation Day – They welcome new students on their first day at FIC and build relationships. Orientation Leaders take students on campus tours, play games with them, and give them all the important information they need to know.

What We Do

You might remember the Orientation Leaders from your first day on campus. They are the students who answered your questions about everything there is to know about FIC, showed you around campus, and helped you relax and make new friends! Orientation Leaders are so important on Orientation Day, as they help make FIC the warm and welcoming community that it strives to be. We depend on our Orientation Leaders to be energetic, enthusiastic, friendly and fun on Orientation Day! We also depend on Orientation Leaders to be responsible and fulfill their duties for the day. This will include being responsible for a group of new students!

If you had a great time at Orientation and hope to make other new students have fun and feel welcome just like you did, then sign up to be an Orientation leader!

Benefits of Joining

  • Orientation is really, really FUN!
  • Free lunch on Orientation Day!
  • The chance to meet many new people and make them feel welcome at FIC (because they will definitely feel nervous!)
  • Professional experience and a volunteer certificate after Orientation Day
  • Most importantly, to be a part of the FIC community that promotes enthusiasm, friendship, and fun for every new student