Who We Are

FIC ACT is a team of students who are intent on raising awareness within FIC and SFU about anything they feel other student’s should know.  Students in this program are passionate about issues within their community and sharing information about those issues.

What We Do

FIC ACT stands for FIC Awareness Campaign Team. This team identifies problems or issues within their community and create awareness campaigns for the student population in FIC. We create events that students can enjoy together and are aimed at providing awareness and encouraging engagement. Students in FIC ACT can run booths, events, and presentations on specific topics to present their ideas and information. Popular topics include gender equality, sexual health, common illnesses, and healthy eating.

Benefits of Joining

  • Improvement of your public speaking, presentation & English skills
  • Providing information to others about topics you care about and find important
  • Meeting new friends with the same values as you!