News and Updates



Stay Healthy Resource Page

Click on the above link to take a look at ways to stay healthy and resources available to you if you fall sick!



Read this infographic for information on how cannabis use will affect your life in Canada as an international student in Canada.


Scam Awareness Notice

Read this notice for active scams targeting international students.


SFSS Welcomes FIC Students

Read this notice to find out more about how FIC students can access the clubs, events, and services offered by the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS).


 Student Emergency Protocol

Please read the following notice for details on new emergency protocols and safety resources being introduced by SFU. These protocols will also apply to students studying at FIC, so please be sure you are aware of the changes outlined in the communication above.


 Smoking Regulations

Please be reminded that smoking is prohibited in non-designated locations. If you are caught smoking in non-designated smoking areas, you will be penalized. The designated smoking areas are shown on this map. Thank you for your cooperation.


 SFU’ s Zero Waste Initiative

SFU has introduced a “Zero Waste Initiative” within the last eighteen months. This initiative aims to reduce waste on campus as well as to promote ways to appropriately discard waste on campus in a way that is sustainable for not only the campus but also the environment.

To find out more more about SFU’s Zero Waste Initiative and how you can get involved, please click the link above.


During Ramadan, Muslim students will be fasting. This can be particularly stressful for first semester students, who are adapting to Canadian culture, especially as the weather gets warmer.

Please note that the lounge area (room 2200) will be a “no food and drinks” zone during the month of Ramadan.

Please click here to learn about support services and resources available for students during Ramadan.