Medical Insurance

medical-insurance Portal

You can access your insurance information through the portal. Through the portal, you can find clinics, submit claims, access the My SSP 24/7 counselling services, and the mobile doctor service.

Guard.Me Policy Wording & Brochure

For more information on the policy wording, please click here and you can also download the Brochure by clicking here.

Guard.Me Mobile Doctor

Guard.Me Mobile Doctor is a convenient way to connect with a medical practitioner online without having to leave your home. Through Mobile Doctor, you can describe your symptoms and receive recommendations or prescriptions for your ailments. For more information on Mobile Doctor, please click here.


The My SSP App offers counselling support 24/7 in multiple languages. This is a great resource if you are experience any mental health concern.

Guard.Me Opt -Out

You can only opt-out of if you have alternate medical coverage. Please note that in order to successfully opt-out from, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • BC MSP card must be valid the day you opt-out from the plan. Expired BC MSP card will not be accepted as a proof of coverage.
  • If you can not submit a BC MSP card, because you are waiting for it to arrive, you must submit a letter from BC MSP showing effective date of coverage and a picture of your study permit.
  • A Collections Notice can not be used to opt-out.
  • A bill can not be used to opt-out

Being sick when you are in school is hard. You have to make a choice about whether or not to go to class. Some days this will be easy. You won’t have a midterm or a quiz. You know that you can stay home.

Some days this will be difficult. You know that you are so sick but you have a midterm that you cannot miss. This decision is especially hard as an international student as you must maintain 80% attendance to ensure you are meeting the requirements of your study permit.

Here are instructions that can help you make the best choice for both your health and your studies.

Instructions for the Easy Days *Easy days are days when you have a short-term illness and you don’t have a midterm or quiz. If you miss a class, you will not fail the course the course.

Note: It’s up to you to determine which day is an easy day to miss class. This will be based on your course outline and your communication with your instructor. This is YOUR choice and your responsibility.

  1. Stay at home.
  2. Talk to a doctor if necessary for your health.

Result: You will be marked absent (N) for the day.

Instructions for Hard Days *Hard days are days when you miss a midterm or significant assignment because of an illness.

Note: It’s your responsibility to determine the outcome of missing a class. You can find this information on your course outline and your communication with your instructor. This is YOUR responsibility.

  1. You can approach your instructor with the Declaration of Illness Form (Hard Copy). This is also available on the portal under ‘documents’. You do not need to provide a doctor’s note
  2. Have conversation with your instructor, explain your situation, and ask them to sign the declaration form.
    1. This form is subject to the student code of conduct and academic integrity policies.
    2. If they request a doctor’s note, you can provide them the ‘Request for a Sick Note’ letter from FIC. This can be found on your student portal under ‘Student.’
  3. Upload the signed declaration to advising via the Online Declaration of Illness Form located on the portal under ‘Student Forms’.
  4. Your attendance will be updated from absent to ‘Medical leave’. This does not excuse your absence, but rather indicates to your instructor that you were gone for medical reasons.
  5. Plan with your instructor for any accommodation for a missed assessment/attendance. This accommodation is at your instructor’s discretion.

Please come see an advisor if you have any questions. Our long-term goal is to ensure that you are healthy and well when you are attending your classes.

The physicians at Health and Counselling Services or ANYWHERE else DO NOT have the authority to exempt students from exams, assignments, etc. Whether an exemption occurs is up to the instructor and should be based upon a conversation between the instructor and the student seeking a change to course requirements. Where a requested change to course requirements relates to the impact of a permanent disability, as opposed to routine illness, students are required to work with FIC Advising for support.