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How to Pay Your Fees Video Tutorial

Payment Options

For information on the different payment options available at FIC, please click here.

Minimum Tuition Fee Balance Chart

Programs Minimum Balance

              ($344 student service is included)

For Cornerstone to Integrated UTPII:

(Integrated + 6 UTP II credits)   




For Cornerstone to Integrated UTPI:

(Integrated + 2 UTP I classes) 


(Book fee included)

For UTPII: (Semester 1 – 3)

(3 courses 9 credits) 



For UTPII: (Semester 4+)

(3 courses 9 credits + Guard Me**) 



For UTPI:  4 courses


(Book fee included)

**Students who study at FIC for longer than 12 months or 3 semesters will be automatically enrolled in Guard Me and the fees ($248.67) will be shown in your Fee Calculator. If you have questions about Guard Me, please visit:

***For students who opted out of for the Summer 2020 term (due to being outside of Canada for the duration of the term), you will need to opt out again if you will continue to be outside the country in Fall 2020 term; otherwise, you will be registered in the health insurance plan for Fall 2020 term. More information on the opt-out will be forwarded in August.

Office Hours

Finance Officers will be available to help you through Zoom. Please click HERE to make an appointment with a Finance Officer!

Tuition Deadlines

  • Tuition deadline for 202002:
    We understand that transferring money from your home country to your FIC tuition account may have been more difficult this term as a result of COVID19. FIC will therefore be waiving all late payment fees for the summer term.Enrolment will begin on Monday, May 4th so we encourage you to submit your tuition fees prior to this date if you plan on taking courses in the upcoming term. You will still be required to have full tuition in your account prior to the finalization of your enrollment.If you have any questions about your fees for summer term, please reach out to to discuss your personal circumstances.
  • Please note that the Student Services Fee for the Summer 2020 Semester will decrease by $51.25. The Simon Fraser Student Society fee will remain the same at $119. This means that for the Summer 2020 Semester the Student Services Fee will be $292.75.If you have already paid the fees, the $51.25 will remain in your account to use as tuition or future semesters.
  • Tuition deadline for 202003:  August 7th, 2020

T2202 Tax Form Requirements

Starting from the 2019 tax year and going forward, per the Income Tax Regulations, all designated education institution issuing T2202 ‘Tuition and Enrolment Certificate’ forms are required to include individual’s Social Insurance Number (SIN) on the form and to disclose the collected SINs to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Because Fraser International College have not previously collected SINs from students, starting February 19, 2020, you will be able to enter your SIN into the Contact Information within the Portal under the “Account” Tab and “Change SIN” section.

Canada Revenue Agency regulations have changed and you are now required to provide the school with Social Insurance Number inorder to obtain your T2202.
Your SIN is the number that identifies you for income tax purposes and is used for certain federal programs. You must give it to anyone who prepares information slips (such as T2202, T4, or T5 slips) for you.
Please refer to below website instructions on how to apply for a SIN.
Please update student portal once you have obtained your SIN and you will be able to generate T2202.

You would be eligible for the T2202 if you have completed university-level studies (UTP II stage courses).

The T2202 is associated to the courses you attended in a calendar year (January to December) and not when you pay your tuition. For example, if your pay your tuition in 2019 but attend in 2020, you will receive a T2202 in March 2021.

The 2019 T2202 is for the UTPII courses you attended between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

To print your T2202, sign into the Student Portal
and the T2202 link will be under the “Students” tab.

The T2202 is a tax receipt for completing your personal tax return. You can get more information about completing your tax return in the website below: Canada Revenue Agency websites: