FIC Associate of Arts Degree

FIC Associate of Arts Degree

FIC’s Associate of Arts Degree is a two-year degree program. Students who obtain the Associate of Arts Degree at FIC can transfer to the relevant third year degree program at SFU or other institutions in BC or elsewhere.

Program Strengths:

  • Located at SFU’s Burnaby Campus
  • Access to SFU facilities and resources
  • Small class sizes
  • Additional hours of face-to-face teaching
  • Support tutorials and peer tutoring
  • Student portal
  • Flexible start dates (Jan/May/Sep)
  • UTP II courses

The Associate of Arts Degree is designed to provide an educational experience that prepares students for work, citizenship and an enriched life as an educated person, and to lay a solid foundation for further study.

60 credits (total)

  • 6 credits in first-year English
  • 9 credits in Science which shall include at least:
    • 3 credits in Mathematics or Computing Science or Statistics
    • 3 credits in a laboratory science
  • 36 credits in Arts which shall include:
    • 6 credits in the Social Sciences
    • 6 credits in Humanities (other than English)
    • 24 additional credits in Arts
  • 9 credits in Arts, Science or other area

Specific Degree Requirements

  • Sixty (60) credits as per degree structure
  • Minimum 18 (200-level) credits in general arts in two or more subject areas
  • CGPA of 2.0
  • Complete FTR101

Other courses taken at FIC but not offered in this program may count for credit. For more information, please meet with a student success advisor.

Transferring Courses

Fraser International College is a part of the BC Transfer System with oversight from the BC Council on Admissions and transfer (BCCAT).  Transfer information about courses taken at FIC can be found on the BC Transfer Guide. (

Students may apply for up to 15 units of transfer credit from another institution towards the Associate of Arts Degree program.  Students are advised to apply for transfer credit consideration at least 3 months prior to enrolment and studies at FIC.  Applications for transfer credit after this time may not be processed in time to exempt students from certain prerequisite courses. Download the application for transfer credit.

Students interested in understanding the options for transferring courses are encouraged to speak to a student success advisor.

Please see the Associate of Arts Degree Graduation Checklist for courses and requirements:  AAD Checklist