Transferring to SFU

Your Guide to Transferring to SFU

If you are going into your transferring semester or even just planning ahead, you have put in a lot of hard work and have come a long way to get to this point. We want to support your transition to Simon Fraser University as much as possible and the most important thing you can do is be prepared and know what needs to get done to successfully transfer.

Every student has certain criteria they must meet to be eligible for transfer. Additionally, some programs also have further criteria that must be met before you are able to transfer to SFU. Each individual program page has the most comprehensive list of requirements. Please come see a Student Success Advisor in person to discuss your situation!

The following criteria are the minimum institutional requirements needed to transfer to SFU:
  • 10 classes with a C- or higher, including 1 Writing "W" course and 1 Quantitative "Q" course
  • 2.5 CGPA
To qualify for certain programs students must also consider:
  • Course Repeat Policies
  • Approved electives
  • Program GPA (if applicable)
Make sure to click on your program below to see the complete program requirements.

Programs Cumulative GPA Program GPA
Arts and Social Sciences 2.5 2.5
Environment (BA) 2.5 2.5
Environment (BSc) 2.5 2.5
Environment (BEnv) 2.5 2.5
Health Science (BA) 2.5 2.5
Health Science (BSc) 2.5 2.5
General FCAT (Double Minor) 2.5 2.5
Communications (Double Minor) 2.5 2.5
Contemporary Arts (Double Minor) 2.5 2.5
Print and Digital Publishing (Double Minor) 2.5 2.5
Communication and Business (Double Minor) 2.5 2.5
Interactive Arts and Technology (Double Minor) 2.75 2.75
Computing Science 2.75 2.75
Engineering Science 2.75 2.75
Science 2.75 N/A
Business Administration 2.5 3.2
* A full list of writing, quantitative, and breadth courses can be found here under the “WBQ Requirement” heading on the student website.
Students apply to SFU the semester before their transfer:
Transfer Semester Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2020
Application Semester January 2020 May 2020 September 2020
You will be able to submit your application through the BC Education Planner website.

The SFU Transfer Guide helps to give students step-by-step instructions about how to correctly fill out the application through Education Planner BC. You can find this guide on your Student Portal > Students > Documents > SFU Information > SFU Transfer Guide - Summer 2020. It is very important to fill out the application correctly because mistakes may cause delays in your transfer to SFU.
Common Application Mistakes:
  • Country of Citizenship: this is not the country you are studying this is the country where you hold a passport, so please make sure you do not accidentally say you are Canadian.
  • Post-Secondary Institution: make sure you select Fraser International College, so SFU knows you are part of the pathway.
  • Transfer Student: when it asks you what category best describes you, select transfer student.
  • Program Choices: please read the transfer guide to see the exact name of your program and how it will appear in the application – the language can be very tricky especially for the Communications, Arts and Technology and Communication and Business programs.
  • English Language Requirement: do not select the IELTS option! You must select a minimum grade of C- in an approved transferable English course.
  • Quantitative Requirement: do not select 60% in grade 11/12 option! You must select a minimum grade of C- in an approved transferable quantitative course.
After you have submitted your application on the Education Planner BC, you should receive an email from SFU to the email that you applied with which will contain the new user name (9-digit SFU ID) and password to log into goSFU.

Do not try to log into goSFU with your Computing ID and password because it will allow you to enter but you will only see a blank page.

Watch this video to see How to Check Your Application Status.

Important Notes:
  1. You need to check your To Do list on the top right of the page to make sure you have completed your tasks. Your application won’t be reviewed until you have completed your tasks.
  2. If you are meeting the GPA requirements for your program at the time of application, then you will receive a conditional offer approximately 4-6 weeks after applying.
  3. If you currently do not meet the GPA requirement yet then you will have to wait for your final transcript to be sent to SFU before you are able to receive an offer.
Once the SFU Admissions team reviews your application with the final transcript, they will either issue you an offer if you meet the requirements or cancel your offer/application if you do not.

If I accept my 2nd choice will I still be considered for my 1st choice?

Yes, you will! However, you should only accept your 2nd choice if you would be willing to study that program, if you are not accepted to your 1st choice. If you would not study your 2nd choice, then you should not accept it because the $750 deposit is not refundable.

If you accept your 2nd choice and then later, you get accepted to your 1st choice based on your final grades, then your program will automatically be switched to your 1st choice.

If you only receive an offer for your 2nd choice and you do not want to study it, you can also consider coming back to FIC to raise your GPA to get into your 1st choice.

Watch this video to see How to Accept Your Offer.

Check out this Welcome Guide by SFU to further explain the next steps after accepting your offer.
Once you have been admitted to SFU, the next step is to start University Prep: Step 2. This free short online course, prepared by your faculty, will give you accurate and timely information about how to enroll and plan for your courses and prepare until your first few weeks of SFU classes and beyond. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

We strongly recommend that you complete this course for your academic success prior to your enrolment date in July.

How will this course help your transition from FIC to SFU?
  • As the Spring term is mostly online and SFU classes will look a little different from FIC, you will learn how to enroll and plan your courses and connect with an SFU Academic Advisor for your faculty.
  • You will learn how SFU systems work differently from FIC and how to get important advising information about immigration and medical insurance.
  • After you complete the course, you will be entered into win prizes and also receive Co-Curricular Record (CCR) recognition, an official document that you can use to track your volunteer, personal and professional learning at SFU, as well as for applications for job searching and graduate/professional school.
To begin your course, follow the three steps below:
  • CHECK YOUR SFU E-MAIL: If you receive an offer and pay your deposit, you will receive an email invitation to your SFU e-mail (not your personal e-mail) from SFU Canvas with the subject “Course Invitation”. Be sure to check your junk mail if you don’t see it in your inbox.
  • ACCEPT THE INVITE: Once you open the email click “Get Started”. You will be prompted to the Canvas website to accept the invite.
  • LOGIN AND BEGIN: Login using your SFU credentials (computing ID and password). This will be the same online platform where you will access future courses from your program.
Contact if you have any questions or need technical support.

To learn about the other support available to assist you in your transition to SFU, please visit our website.
Every semester, SFU hosts Faculty and Course Planning workshops to support students in their transition from FIC to SFU. We highly recommend that you attend the workshops that are relevant to you. You can find upcoming event and workshop information by visiting our Events Calendar.

SFU International Student Advising and Programs Video Resources is also a great resource bank for pre-recorded videos on topics including but not limited to Medical Insurance and Immigration.

SFU 101

Are you transferring from FIC to SFU in Spring 2021? Excited to grow your community to meet new people or find friends at SFU online and get involved right away? SFU is a free, faculty-specific online course that is designed to support your transition to SFU student life and guide you through your academic priorities.
Launches: December 1, 2020 (available to you throughout your first year at SFU)
Location: Online on Canvas
  • For: All new incoming undergraduate SFU students including incoming FIC transfers
  • Students that are already admitted to SFU will have been automatically enrolled in SFU 101 on December 1st
  • If you receive an offer to SFU close to the start of the term, you will be added to the course after you have been admitted. Check your SFU email to accept your invite
  • You will receive Co-Curricular Record accreditation for completing this course
  • For questions, contact

Join the SFU HIVE Program

Transferring from FIC to SFU in Spring 2021? Looking for a fun and welcoming transition to SFU? Join your HIVE, a free online program where you get to chat and participate in fun activities with a group of students within your faculty-specific SFU 101 course. You also get to connect two senior SFU students in your faculty HIVE who can share tips, free events, opportunities to help you find your people within your SFU community.
Launches: December 1, 2020
Location: Online on Canvas
  • For: All new undergraduate SFU students including incoming FIC transfers
  • All new students will receive their SFU 101/HIVE invitation. Check your SFU email to accept your invite
  • To learn more, please check the SFU Hive Website
  • For questions, contact

SFU Spring Welcome Day

Are you transferring from FIC to SFU in Spring 2021? Excited to meet your fellow classmates, connect with professors and staff and your program of study in your faculty? Register for the Spring Welcome Day to feel part of the SFU community.
Date: January 8th, 2021
Location: Online on Zoom
  • For: All new incoming SFU students including incoming FIC transfers
  • Details to be posted on the SFU Orientation Website shortly
  • For questions, contact

SFU Virtual Services Fair

Are you starting your first term as an FIC transfer student at SFU or further in your studies? Wondering who to talk to and where to go to find amazing opportunities at SFU? Join the SFU Virtual Services Fair to learn about SFU services and opportunities that may be new to you.

Drop into virtual booths to gain information on your academics, free SFU events, Co-op, how to get involved even virtually, scholarship and bursaries, and more. Ask any questions you have!
Date: January 8th, 2021
Time: 1PM - 4PM (PST)
Location: Online on Zoom
  • For: All SFU students including FIC transfers
  • Join the event link sent to your SFU email, by signing in with your SFU email address ( email)
  • To learn more, please check the SFU Virtual Services Fair Website
  • For questions, contact
Once you have paid the $750 deposit, you will be assigned an enrolment date at SFU. You can find the date of your enrolment on the right side of your goSFU page, under 'Enrolment Dates'. You should consider attending transfer course planning workshops for your faculty if they are available to help guide you with what to take at SFU.

Check out these SFU Help Video:
If you have been admitted to SFU successfully and you are looking to transfer any available funds in your FIC account to your SFU account, please follow the steps below to request for a transfer of funds:
  1. Fill out and submit the online FIC refund form, which can be found on the student portal > students > student forms
  2. You will need to upload a copy of your Letter of Acceptance or a screenshot of your application status from Please find a sample of the screenshot below.
  3. Please note that the deadline to submit the refund form in time for your funds to be transferred to SFU before SFU's Spring 2021 tuition deadline is, January 18, 2021
  4. If your refund form was submitted successfully by the deadline above, your remaining funds will be transferred to your SFU account by January 25, 2021 (SFU's Spring 2021 Tuition Deadline)
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the finance team at or book an appointment to meet with a finance officer here.
  • While the minimum requirement is 10 courses with a C- grade, in order to achieve a 2.5 CGPA you will need to be achieve between a C+ (2.33 GPA) and B- (2.67 GPA) on average to meet this requirement.
  • If you achieved a D grade in an elective class this can count for credit at SFU and can be transferred as an 11th or more class.
  • To find out the designation of your classes whether it is a writing (W), quantitative (Q), a breadth humanities (B-Hum), breadth science (B-Sci), or breadth social science (B-Soc), check out the course description on the course catalogue
SFU Transfer Applications for the Fall 2020 semester will be open next week! It is extremely important that you read this email carefully as the application website will be open for a limited time only: Tuesday, May 26th, 9AM (PST) to Thursday, May 28th, 4PM (PST).

To support you during the application process, we will be hosting several online Zoom drop-in sessions:
Tuesday, May 26th: 9AM - 10AM & 9PM - 10PM (PST)
Wednesday, May 27th: 9AM - 10AM (PST)
Thursday: May 28th: 12PM - 2PM (PST)

Join Zoom Meeting
You will be able to submit your application through the BC Education Planner website.

Unfortunately, if you missed the application window for the Fall 2020 intake, you will need to wait until the applications open for the Spring 2021 intake. Please speak to a Student Success Advisor for the next steps.

If you've made a mistake on your application, please use the 'Ask a Question' function on this website. Please note that if you do not already have an account, you will need to sign up for one and validate the account prior to being able to submit a question.
FIC will be sending your current and final transcripts to SFU on your behalf. The deadline specific to this to-do list item does not apply to FIC students.

Conditional offers are only offered to students who currently have the CGPA required to transfer. For exmaple, if you are intending to transfer to Arts and Social Sciences and your current CGPA is 2.5 or higher, you will receive a conditional offer from SFU when they have assessed your current transcript.

If you are not eligible for the conditional offer, final offers are sent to students once final transcripts have been assessed, which will be during the inter-semester break period.