Important Dates

Important Dates

Semester and Examination Dates
2018 Academic Year

Fall Semester (201803)

29 August (Wed) Math Review Sessions
Program Withdrawal Deadline
30 August (Thu) Orientation (for new students)
31 August (Fri)

Orientation (for new students)

  • UTP Stage II: Business Administration (Integrated, Direct and ALC Exempt)
  • Math Assessment Test for Engineering Students
4 September (Tue) Fall Term classes commence
15 September (Sat) SFU Spring (January) Application Deadline
1 October (Mon) Course Drop Deadline with a WD grade, no financial penalty
8 October (Mon) Thanksgiving (FIC closed)
15 October (Mon) Course Drop Deadline with a WD grade, with financial penalty
26 October (Fri) Program Withdrawal Deadline
12 November (Mon) Remembrance Day (FIC closed)
21 November (Wed) Tuition deadline for Spring 2019
3 December (Mon) Classes end
5 December (Wed) Examination period begins
15 December (Sat) Examination period ends
16 December (Sun) Inter Semester Break begins

Spring Semester (201901)

4 January (Fri) Orientation (for new students)
4 January (Fri) Program Withdrawal Deadline
5 January (Sat) Math Review Session
7 January (Mon) Math Assessment Test for Engineering Students
8 January (Tues) Spring Term classes commence
18 February (Mon) Family Day (FIC closed)
20 March (Wed) Tuition Deadline for Summer 2019
8 April (Mon) Classes end
10 April (Wed) Examination period begins
20 April (Sat) Examination period ends
21 April (Sun) Inter Semester Break begins

Summer Semester (201902)

3 May (Fri) Orientation (for new students)
4 May (Sat) Math Review Sessions
5 May (Sun) Math Assessment Test for Engineering Students
6 May (Mon) Summer Term classes commence
20 May (Mon) Victoria Day (FIC closed)
1 July (Mon) Canada Day (FIC closed)
17 July (Wed) Tuition Deadline for Fall 2019
3 August (Sat) Classes end
5 August (Mon) BC Day (FIC closed)
6 August (Tue) Examination period begins
16 August (Friday) Examination period ends
17 August (Sat) Inter Semester Break begins